The Agner Swiss Artist.  An evaluation of our selection process.

Artist relations are the hallmark and define both the key, foundational and organic identity of Agner Swiss.  Our artists reflect the fundamental integrity of the brand and as such are considered vital both within the integration of brand vision in addition to broader consumer awareness.  As a result, the approach is to align with artists who present the capacity to both provide and leverage maximum brand exposure within high profile instructional, studio and performance environments.

It is our sincere interest to provide the highest degree of support to our artists, therefore it is understood that our approach for artist consideration is necessarily, highly selective by design and comprises a diverse range of criteria to determine if an artist relationship with Agner Swiss is viable.
In correlation with a forum of high visibility, critical evaluation for artist consideration, we must also require artist applicants to display the highest degree of artistic and technical mastery within their chosen performance disciplines.  Additional consideration is contrasted within the individual applicants capacity to viably market and campaign both a cohesive brand philosophy and vision.

We strongly encourage all applicants to self-evaluate their individual capacity to pursue an artist relationship with Agner Swiss and naturally require all requested references for further evaluation.  It is further understood that all received correspondence is non-returnable.  For artist consideration, please provide the following:

  • Cover Letter
  • Summary biography / comprehensive contact information
  • Current, germane resume citing professional field experience, academic credentials (if applicable) etc.
  • Itinerary (if applicable) Management contact information
  • Specializations, i.e., instruction, clinician, publishing, drum corps, industry background etc.
  • Exisiting artist relationships (cite key company /organization contacts for verification)
  • Physical recordings/documentation i.e., CD/DVD (non-returnable)
  • Peripheral resources, i.e., website(s), YouTube channel, misc. links, i.e., (iTunes, mp3, etc.)
  • Cited understanding for pursuing an artist relationship with Agner Swiss and germane marketing advantage
  • Applicable high resolution photo(s).  (Non-returnable).

All endorsement submissions must be received via conventional mail correspondence.  We emphasize that there are no exceptions to this policy.
Standard response time is 6 -8 weeks.  Additional applicant information may be required for further evaluation. Your consideration during this process is sincerely appreciated.  For all conventional correspondence:

At Agner Swiss, the ability to properly accommodate our artist roster is of paramount importance, thus the necessity to not over extend that commitment contributes greatly to our evaluation process.  In the event an applicant is declined, we strongly encourage them to maintain open communication with our artist relations department and to re-submit an artist application as both their prospective career and playing needs evolve.  In this manner, Agner Swiss is best aligned to provide the most comprehensive, equitable service possible.

Artist Relations

Endorser Application Form

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Akermann Kevin

​Berger Andreas

Burkhalter Dominik

Caspar Mario

Dave Doran

Eat Your sticks drumshools

Eichenberger Philipp

Fröhlich Rainer

Fred Bintner

Gautschi Christoph

Haas Peter

Hunkeler Erich

Jaussi Samuel

Jenny Iwan

Keiser Walti

Kunzle Mathias

Kunz Tek

Kurzo Steffu

Leumann Andy

Looser Nico

Lukas Landis

Mac Vinzens

Moser Jan

Niggli Lukas

Roth Roman

Roth Marcel

Roberto Garella

Sardella Marcel

Spooner Rich

Swiss Army

Tanner Roger

Top Secret Drumcorps

" Tosi " Ralph Tosoni

Weber Sascha

Wild Thomas

Ziswiler Pädu


Aaron Holt

Allen Blairman

Arthur Thompson

Brian W. Cupp

Basner Mario

Chipp Ritter

Dustin Rhodes

Edison Hill

Rocky Marvel

Stanley Dixon

Tony Yohee

Freddy Spencer

Kerry Denton

John Blackmoon

Josh Center

Mark Meekler

Tim Spier


Benni Hermann

Bargel Andreas

Chris Widmann

Christian " Leo " Leonhardt

Dirk Leibengut

Detmer Albert

Edi Karbaumer

Erne Jakob

Flo Dauner

Flo Weber

Fischötter Hardy

Reischmann Harry

Schütz Stefan ( Drumdepartment Stuttgart )

Stoeger Frank

Sven Lerchenberger

Sven Hansen

Hoffe Christian

Haas Tobias

Jens Carstens

Jens Fischer

Teddy Ibing

Kettler Florian

Kay Röttgen

Lesch Jörg

Lübke Peter

Micha Kasper

Marc Bollow

Marc Thuriaux

Markus Müller-Feld

Neuner Bene

Randy Duenamyt

Resch Tommy

Winter Ulf


Michael Richards

Bob Richards

Smith Matthew

Kenny Lessmann

Lee Kenny Kendrick

Martin Johnson


" Job " Tronel Jean Baptista

Loic Gerard

Pascal Boy


Alexander Bozhenko

Alexander Shchigolev

Alexander Filippov

Denis Vasilevsky

Denis Popov

Dmitry Khakimov

Eduard Darbinyan

Igor Stotland

Ivan Avaliani

Maxim Kabalskis

Maximilian Maksotskiy

Pavel Stepanov

Percarus Duo

Sky Rhythm

Vasily Gorshkov


Grassmann Walter

Edlinger Georg

Gonzi Mario

Herfert Dieter

Navratil Roland

Wolfgang Lindner

Luckner Wolfgang

Kissling Chris


Lean Robbemont

Jimmy van den Nieuwenhuizen


Rudy Mariani

Carlo Porfilio

Giorgio di Tullio

Jacopo Coretti

Jacopo Moriggi

Lorenzo Ferrari

Marta Camba

Tony Currenti

Anthony Dantone


Pavel Jaroszewicz

Lukasz Icanraz Sarnacki

Flag of Romania.svg

Gligore Nicolae Adrian


Roee Kahana

Ron Amar

Alireza Tabatabaei

Bryan Macaranas



Head Quarter

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Fax:       +41 41 450 39 52
Mobile:  +41 79 413 36 38
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